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Twin Cities Lawn Care – Warner’s Outdoor Solutions is a lawn and landscape design/build company located in Woodbury, MN. Warner’s has served the entire Twin Cities metro area for over 19 years and is proud to have provided excellent lawn and landscape solutions to clients all over the Twin Cities area.

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We are proud to now be a Gold Sponsor for Woodbury Parks & Recreation! Thanks for everything you do for the kids and the community, we are glad that we could help out.
Also, make sure to stop by our booth at Woodbury Days 2017 next weekend for a chance to win a variety of Warner's prizes!
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Thank you Warner's Outdoor Solutions for the Gold Sponsorship to our Parks and Recreation programs! We are looking forward to a fall and winter full of amazing programs and events for our community to enjoy together! Thank you for making Woodbury a great place to live, work and play!

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Tip of the Week: Now that we are slowly coming to an end of the Japanese Beetle season it is now time to focus on the next phase of damage they cause, your lawn. Before Japanese Beetles die they fall to the ground and lay eggs. These eggs hatch and then become grubs. These grubs eat grass roots and if your lawn is untreated it can look like the above picture in a week or two. The grub control method we use takes a couple weeks to be absorbed by the grass roots so now is the perfect time to apply. ... See MoreSee Less

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Tip of the Week: It's that time of year again where Japanese Beetles are damaging trees and shrubs in our area. Their main diet is Birch trees, Linden trees and Shrub Roses. Secondary is fruit bearing plants like Apple trees, Crab Apple trees and vines. They won't kill your tree/shrub, but by defoliating it will lessen the amount of photosynthesis created by leaves, thus slowing growth down and creating branch die back. Protect your trees/shrubs now by applying a foliar insecticide. Make your insecticide last longer by mixing a surfactant with it. The surfactant will allow the insecticide to stick to the plant for up to a month. ... See MoreSee Less

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Tip of the Week: Red Thread Fungus has once again invaded our lawns again this year. Excessive rain in May and early June is the culprit. Your lawn fights off this fungus by stopping the water flow to the blades of grass. By doing so the grass dies. If you don't apply a fungicide you can potentially have several dead spots all over your lawn. If you see these spots spray a fungicide on them immediately. ... See MoreSee Less

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