Testimonials from REAL Customers

“Ryan-The lights on the trees look amazing this year!!  Thanks for the help in getting more lights and using the bucket truck for the tops of the trees.  The guys that were here worked hard and did a great job.”  Jody – Inver Grove Heights, MN 2014

“Ryan, just a complimentary note.  Your tree removal guys were great.  Fast and efficient.  In addition they didn’t leave a twig either at the tree or on the street.  Great job, thanks so much.” Jerry – Woodbury, MN 2014

“Ryan – I appreciate your service and the professional care we get from your crews…”  Scott – Woodbury, MN 2014

“You guys saved my life today – I came home from San Francisco after a week and a half, wasn’t sure how I would ever get into my driveway.  Same day service?? Amazing – and it looks GREAT!!  I will NEVER use any service besides yours moving forward.  Let me know if I can include a tip when I pay the bill you send me.  Thanks again!!” – Sean – Minneapolis, MN 2014

“Nick and Ryan,…. I just returned home from a trip and I saw the patio.  It’s beautiful!  We’re very happy with both the patio and the sidewalk.  We are especially pleased with the two fellows who did the work.(Tony and…? If forget their names, I’m afraid.)  They were conscientious, polite and professional; it was good having them here and all our interactions with them were reaffirming regarding the workmanship and the outcome.  They are a real plus to Warner’s, and I thought you should hear that.  It was good working with you too, Nick.  Thanks for your guidance and consultation.  As I say, the outcome is even better than we’d anticipated.” Steve – St. Paul, MN 2013

“Dear Ryan – Hi, I wanted to send you a brief note regarding the exceptional customer service that Nick has exhibited during our time working with him.  The landscaping installation aspect of our project has just begun, but even before that, there was plenty of planning that needed to occur before we got to this point.  We appreciate Nick’s knowledge of landscaping idea’s and experience during the planning process.  Through our communications, Nick has been able to accommodate our overall project schedule and incorporate our project into all the other projects that he is managing.  I am sure that aspect has not been easy, but we couldn’t have asked for a better transition from our building project to the landscape project.  In addition, Nick and your team have really responded above and beyond what I would have expected.  The first instance was when we contacted him about moving a tree in our yard which if he couldn’t, it would have been cut down.  Nick was able to schedule a crew to stop by our house and move the tree in very short notice.  I am sure this was very disruptive to his team’s schedule, but we appreciated the effort to save the tree.  A second instance that occurred was assisting with an outdoor lighting electrical issue which was actually caused by our building contractor.  Nick and his team once again stepped up and provided the assistance to resolve this issue so that entire project can keep progressing.  I would not have been surprised if he declined to assist, but again, his assistance is sincerely appreciated.  Overall, Nick has been a pleasure to work with.  Other members of your team have also been courteous and respectful, which has made our entire project experience more enjoyable with your company.  We just completed the first day of your team working at our property and it’s exciting to see things already starting to develop.”  Thanks. Denis – Woodbury, MN 2013

“Hi Nick,  We just wanted to send you a note to say great job on the landscaping project today.  We are very happy with the results.  Your guys really worked hard today and did a great job.  The results are very professional looking and exceeded our expectations.  Your guys are knowledgeable and were also very polite.  They cleaned everything up too, so our yard looks great.  Thanks so much.  Thanks for your help.   We will definitely have you guys out for more work in the future!” Tina – Woodbury, MN 2013

“You have done a great job taking care of my lawn and that product is doing its job.” Michael – Cottage Grove, MN 2013

“Ryan, Just wanted you to know that your tech was here on Sunday and did the work you suggested.  I think I mentioned in our recent telephone conversation that unlike many  – I really like supporting local businesses! If you could have been a “mouse in the corner” while your tech was here you’d know exactly why I feel the way I do.  First, he was extremely personable and answered all my questions – really nice guy!  Second, he worked his tail off muscling the hand equipment around some very tight spaces.  Third, he was VERY thorough and made sure every inch of the yard (with those few exceptions where the equipment simply could not fit) was covered.  Fourth, he took the time necessary to do a good job. Yes, he used his time wisely and didn’t dawdle, but, watching him work you never got the impression he was in a hurry or had a “what the heck — that’s good enough” attitude.  So, please pass on our sincere thanks to him for a “job well done!”  In addition to mother nature’s contribution, we’ve watered it as directed and we’re hopeful of good results.  Thanks again for the help in trying to make a challenging yard look respectable.” Jim – St. Paul, 2013

“Mr. Warner,  I know the season is a hectic one!   I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for having such a caring and helpful staff.  Tracy and Tom helped me with a problem I had last week while balancing a ton of customer concerns and full schedules.  Their professionalism and understanding is really appreciated!”  Todd – Woodbury, MN 2013

“Thank you Ryan!  I just want to say that your crew did a WONDERFUL job yesterday! Comments from the other Sunrise residents include: “Warner’s crew was very polite and professional.”  Thank you so much! Payment will be on its way shortly.” Sara – Woodbury, MN 2013

“Ryan,  Just wanted to let you know that the plow job the guys did this morning was excellent. When I pulled in this morning around 8:30 the front spots were already done and the shoveling of front walks complete. They were finishing the back (west) side and it all looks great.” Deb – Woodbury, MN 2013

“Thanks Nick,  I appreciate the discount. It was nice seeing you last night as well, It had been quite awhile. You can just bill the credit card you have on file or I can call you with the information, Just let me know. Thanks again and it truly has been wonderful working with Warner’s these past few years. Great company.  Have a wonderful Holiday season.” Benjie – Inver Grove Heights, MN 2012

“Great job on the final mowing, Ryan.  I can always count on you.” Rhoda – Maplewood, MN 2012

“HI, Nick: The yard looks GREAT! you were right, mulch is our friend. Adds such a finishing touch. And the crew cleaned up so nicely too, we really appreciate THAT. I came home from work and it was all done, amazing work over two long days. I was glad the weather was good, not too hot.” Regina – Maplewood, MN 2012

“Abel:  Thanks for taking the time to look at those plants.  You know more about plant health than I do so I defer to your judgment.  Thanks again, you and your company have been great to work with.  Look forward to many more projects.” Lynn – Woodbury, MN 2012

“We have the best lawn on our block!  10,000 thanks.”  Ruth – Lakeville, MN 2012

“Nick:I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how well things went with the new landscaping earlier this week.  In particular, I wanted to let you know what a great job the two guys did (unfortunately I have forgotten their names already).  They were friendly and professional and did a great job.  The job was carefully done and everything looks terrific.  Please pass along my thanks to them for a job well done.” Dave – Woodbury, MN 2012

“The gentleman you have coming out for the maintenance and taking care of the pots etc is excellent.  He really does a nice job and is a pleasant person.  Thanks.” Michael – Woodbury, MN 2012

“Your staff have been very helpful, courteous and professional.  When I called with questions after the system was installed, we received a call within a few hours.  We worked with Nick, Ryan, Abel on the business side and Tom and Jesse and team installed.  All were a very positive reflection of the company’s high standards.” Karsten – Lakeville, MN 2012

“Ryan, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the installation on June 25th. Your crew and that performed this was excellent. If we need anything I will not hesitate to call you.” Alan – Brooklyn Center, MN 2012

“Ryan, Just wanted to send a quick note complimenting Dave the sprinkler technician who came out to our house today. He was wonderful, professional, and so very competent ! He not only solved our problem, was also able to determine and fix the water pressure we were having. I’m grateful to him for the work he did and to Warner’s for having such a sensational gentleman in your employ.” Donna – Woodbury, MN 2012

“Hi Ryan, Just wanted to let you know how happy Dan and I are with our lawn this year.   It’s the best it’s ever looked!  We are so, so happy we decided to use your company.  Thank you so much!!” Shelli – Hastings, MN 2012

“Ryan and Nick,  I wanted to tell you both how pleased we are with the way the project turned out. Your crew was excellent, Tony is unbelievable, my neighbor even came over and said he never stopped working. Again it looks great and we’re very pleased with how it came out. Again, thanks and we’ll be telling everyone who did this project for us, that for sure.”  Craig – Brooklyn Park, MN 2012

“Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I had Mike over to look at my sprinkler system today and he did a fabulous job. He diagnosed and fixed a leak very quickly….he was courteous and left the site looking like he was never there, even after having to dig. So just wanted to say thanks for a job well done.” Boyd – Savage, MN 2012

“By the way, we got many accolades for the holiday lighting.  It turned out to be really fabulous.  Kudos to Nick and all for making sure we came to this very satisfactory outcome.”  Mark – Stillwater, MN 2012

“Good Morning Abel, I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your driver “Nick” does a fantastic job!   We really appreciate not having to worry about what kind of job is being done or worry about how many complaints we might receive from our residents (actually we have received compliments from a few of residents on what a nice job the new snow removal company is doing).  So once again, Thank you!” Colleen – South St. Paul, MN 2012

“the lights are STUNNING!  We love them.  Thanks you!”  Amy – Apple Valley, MN 2011

“Also, just to let you know, I’m very happy with the work you guys did this year.  My lawn has looked great and weed-free for the first time.  I will definitely be doing the same treatments with you next year!”  Kory – Woodbury, MN 2011

“I wanted to pass along a shout out for both Nick and Able.  They are so great to work with.  Both are so patient with my questions, and sometimes pickiness.  I’m sure you know what it meads to a business to have employees who represent you well.  You have that in both.”  Lisa – Animal Humane Socieity – Minneapolis, MN 2011

“Our lawn looks fabulous after just one treatment.” Rebacca – Woodbury, MN 2011

“During this project, the efforts of your people reinforced the high opinion I have had of your company ever since I first engaged in your services in 2008.”  Steve – Maplewood, MN 2011

“Congratulations on being names Woodbury Landscaper of the year.  Way to go!  The blurb in the magazine is good and so is your picture.  Nice to see you again after all of these years.  You have created a successful and growing business.  Your employees do a heck of a good job from what I’ve seen around here.  That tells me they have been trained well.  Good for you!  Wishing you continued success and more cover stories.”  Sue & Tom – Brookside Town Homes, Woodbury, MN 2011

“I want to complement you on the effectiveness of your lawn service.  I started using your service last summer/fall and continued the service again this spring.  This was my first time going with a service, so I was a little apprehensive.  I want to let you know that I coulnd’t be happier with the results thus far.  The lawn looks great and the stress and guesswork that was part of my springs in the past has gone away.”  Joe – Woodbury, MN 2011

“I just wanted you to know how happy I am with the lack of dandelions this year in my yard.  I will continue with the spraying this year to make sure they stay dead. – Ray – Maplewood, MN 2011

“I just wanted to let you know your guy did a great job fixing my system.  Thanks again.  You guys do good work.” – Bill – Burnsville, MN 2011

“Your guy just finished removing the trees and grinding the stumps.  We are very pleased with the result.  Thanks for the great job and quick turnaround.”  Jerry – St. Paul, MN 2011

“My husband, Mike, and I were very impressed with the professionalism of your 2 employees that came to do the Sprinkler activation today.”  Wendy – Blaine, MN 2011

“Snow greetings Ryan, Your crew did an excellent job during the last big snow storm.  I want you to know that Tom and I appreciated the good service, once again.” Sue & Tom – Brookside Town Homes, Woodbury, MN 2011

“Thank you for your prompt response to our ice dam problem on our roof.  Your quick response saved our house from suffering extensive damage.  P.S. Your two employees did a great job.”  Don Johnson – Oakdale, MN 2011

“Warners, We would like to say what a GREAT job your people have done this winter.  The people who plow have done an exceptional job.  It has been a hard winter, but it’s nice to know that your people get us plowed out right away.  A special thanks to those who shovel.  They have done a super job and it hasn’t been easy.”  Bob & Pat – Brookside Town Homes, Woodbury, MN 2011

“As Virginia and I returned home at 1:30 PM today I made this comment as we drove into our driveway, Now that’s a 5 out of 5.  Yesterday Warner’s removed about 4″ of snow.  Last night I set out our garbage cans.  This morning the advance shovel crew cleared the garage apron, Woodbury plowed the street and left a windrow at the driveway then we left.  When we returned the driveway was clear, the windrow was gone and the garbage cans were at the garage door.  That’s a 5 out of 5.  Ben please convey my thanks to Warner’s for this excellent snow removal.”  Arial – Watersford at Dancing Waters Association, Woodbury, MN 2011

“This year Warner’s Outdoor Solutions has the landscaping and plowing contract where I live.  They have been nothing short of fantastic.  Ryan Warner (owner), Abel Daigle (Operations Manager), and some of their other field supervisors are always willing to chat.  I give their company a big thumbs up.”  Scott – Bailey’s Arbor Association – Woodbury, MN 2010

“Hi Ryan, I am very pleased with the just completed renovation project of my front entry.  Nick’s team of Joe and Tony did a super job to make it look great.  If your guys don’t do it…it may be good to take before and after photos to use for future reference on other jobs your teams may bid.  Photos really show how modest changes can achieve amazing results.  Ken – Woodbury, MN 2010

“Hi Ryan, Been out of town since Saturday night, around today checking on things.  THANK YOU to the awesome crew that worked on our irrigation system last Saturday, they did an outstanding job, left me extra heads, and took care of everything.  The professionalism is much appreciated.  Be sure to give them give raises and promotions.”  Ehrich – Woodbury, MN 2010

“John and Terry walked by our house today with their dogs.  They stopped to visit with me and informed me they were leaving Saturday for their place in Florida.  I was pleased with how John went out of his way to tell me how much he was impressed with the job Warner’s Outdoor Solutions did on our grounds around the entrance monuments.  He said the fountain has never been this well maintained and he was quite taken by the thoroughness of their grooming of the grounds weeding, mowing, etc.”  Greg – Marsh Creek Home Owners Association – Woodbury, MN 2010

“Good morning Nick, Greg and I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the new front stairs.  We absolutely love, love, love it!  It turned out better than we imagined!!  Thank you, thank you so much!!  Joe and his crew did a marvelous job, please tell him thank you so much!  I’m so glad I called our son Matt and asked him if he knew any landscaping companies!!  Have a wonderful day!”  Greg & Lori – Woodbury, MN 2010

“THANK YOU! My husband has a cardiac condition and we were hosting our granddaughter’s birthday yesterday.  My sons managed to set some of the heavy snow off the driveway, but cars were blocking your plow in the evening.  Later, my son told your plow driver that the cars were gone and asked him to return to our house and clean up the edge.  He did and I cannot thank you enough.  Because of my husband’s situation, we are more indebted to your snow removal service.  Thank you for the fine job that you do.  P.S. I was Ryan’s English teacher and I am certainly proud of your business and landscaping ability.  I wish you and your company continued success.  During all of the seasons, you folks have done and excellent job!  Way to job!”  Sue & Tom – Brookside Town Homes – Woodbury, MN 2010

“Hey Nick – I have been out-of-town but wanted to tell you how happy we are with the lights!  I have ideas for next year – I think I will extend the greenery and lights to the rest of the porch but I am so glad you suggested the real stuff – it makes a difference!  thanks!!”  Sallie – Wayzata, MN 2010

“I wanted to share with you that people have actually stopped their cars and asked me who did our landscaping.  Everyone is very impressed, and I am so happy to not be embarrassed by my yard any longer.  Thanks you!”  Carrie – Woodbury, MN 2009

“Hi Ryan – just want to make a comment about your employees.  They were over this morning cutting the grass and I was able to chat with them a bit.  They are very nice folks and are committed to your company and doing a nice job for their clients.  We are very pleased with your service.  Thanks.  Happy 4th!.”  Mary – Cottage Grove, MN 2009

“Ryan, You guys did a great job for us last year, we are happy to sign on again this year.”  Bill – Lakeville, MN 2009

“Ryan, Thanks for taking care of this on such a short notice.  I don’t remember the name of the man who was out to fix my sprinklers, but he was great – very professional and knowledgeable – definitely a pro.”  David – Edina, MN 2009

“I am very pleased to say the mowing on my lawn out front looks wonderful.”  Julie – Bailey’s Arbor Association – Woodbury, MN 2009

“Hi Ryan: Your crew was out yesterday for yard maintenance and I just wanted to say I was very impressed with the young lady in charge, she was just excellent, did the very best job I have ever had done in the category.  She talked to me, she was helpful, polite and interested in the task.  She and her crew of one did a fine job of cleaning up our weeds and making our property look so nice.  Thank you.”  Sandra – Newport, MN 2009

“I love the plants–they’re just what I wanted.  Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about caring for them and hopefully I won’t kill them anytime soon!  🙂 (I hope I didn’t ramble on too much about school, too!)  I wish I could have my whole yard done!  If any of my neighbors ask, I’ll definitely give them your name.”  Jenny – Eden Prairie, MN 2009 

“Thanks Nick.  We really had a good experience with you and the subs – everyone was very helpful and we’re quite happy with the results!  Mandy – Plymouth, MN 2009

“Nick, Thanks for the walk-thru this morning.  We are very pleased with the quality of the work and how efficiently it was handled.  Wish spring was just around the corner to see things pop.  Enjoyed working with you on the project and would be more than willing to be a reference if ever needed.”  Gary – Woodbury, MN 2009

“This is just a quick note from me, as a homeowner, re the careful attention Warner’s has provided in their last season ending mowings.  The yards appear to look great and hopefully the vole damage will be minimized due to the shorter grass.  They are even doing a mowing today in December!  That is amazing.  Please convey my appreciation to the Warner’s team.”  Rog – Primrose Association – Woodbury, MN 2009

“Nick, The Charlton Ridge Association wishes to thank you for the great job you did on our wall project.  You may use us as a referral for future jobs.  Thanks Again.”  Ken, West St. Paul, MN 2009

“Great job yesterday.  It’s really nice to know I don’t have to worry about snow removal.  Big thanks for coming back and removing drifted snow.”  Fern – Woodbury, MN 2009

“Ryan: I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the prompt service that you provided me today.  With the huge snow fall taking place, it took me 20 minutes to get from my school to home and then 45 minutes to get from Radio Drive into Evergreen!…The young man who cam to my house was kind, courteous and went above and beyond what anyone could expect…thank you, thank you, thank you.  He plowed the driveway, shoveled the front walk and even brought the trash cans into my garage from the street.”  Cheri – Woodbury, MN 2009

“I appreciate your attention to detail and would like to state again how happy we have been over the past years with you and your company.”   Craig – Woodbury, MN 2008

“You (Ryan), and now your company have earned and deserve our loyalty that was established and sustained throughout the years by your stellar character supported with consistent and superior service standards.”  Del D. – Woodbury, MN 2008

“I was very impressed by how thorough it (Service Agreement) was and surprised by all of the other services your company offers. … Again, thank you. We look forward to working with you. We were referred by David and he has a beautiful lawn!!”  Pam – Hudson, WI 2008

“I would like to commend the crews that plowed our driveway this year, they did a wonderful job!”  Barb J. – Woodbury, MN 2008 

“Thank you for your outstanding, consistent service this season.  The lawn never looked better in the 7 years I owned it!”  Pauline – Woodbury, MN 2007

“I would also like to commend you on your great work and service.  We are very satisfied with the trimming that you did for us this summer and fall!  We will recommend you to anyone who would like a referral!”  Anne M. – Woodbury, MN 2007

“On behalf of the Woodbury Environmental Advisory Commission (EAC), I would like to thank you for sending crews to help at the buckthorn removal event on Oct. 20 at Colby Lake Park.  We greatly appreciate the work done by them. … Thank you for donating the services of your crew to make this event a success.  Your assistance represents a significant contribution to our community.”  Julie – Woodbury, MN 2007

“Once again, I want to state that your crew did an outstanding job of cleaning up our yard yesterday. The best job ever.”  Terry P. – Maplewood, MN 2007

“Thank you much. Your firewood is great. The service from the office staff is wonderful and the delivery folks have always been so nice and polite.  I appreciate it.”  Kathy L. – Woodbury, MN 2007

“The crew showed up today for the Spring Clean-up and did a fantastic job.  Thanks again.”   Mark – Woodbury, MN 2007 

“Thanks for a job done well.  The whole process (landscaping) was effortless and your crew and staff were a joy to work with too!   Carol F. – Woodbury, MN 2007

“I had the pre-pay 7 application of fertilizer & weed control last year and the results were great.  I’d like it again this year.”  Kyle – Woodbury, MN 2007

“THANKS for a job well done.  Your long hours and multiple trips to promptly clean our sidewalks and driveways (of snow) are recognized and appreciated.”  Tom & Sue – Woodbury, MN 2007

“We just got back from our extended vacation late last night, and really didn’t know what to expect when the taxi pulled into the neighborhood… One of the options, in our minds, (since we’ve been almost totally out of touch while we were away on a long cruise) was that, perhaps, nothing had even been done at all… We could not have been any happier, or more impressed, when we pulled in the driveway and saw the terrific job you did on our holiday lights.It all looks fantastic!  Thanks so much. Great work.”  – Bob & Barbara – Woodbury, MN 2006

“We would like to thank you for your support of our recent fund raising auction to benefit the Woodbury High School Golf Program.” – Bruce & Merideth – Woodbury H.S. Golf Program 2006

“You guys provide just a great range of services and I’ll certainly keep you in mind for any outdoor projects in the future.  I’m happy to say I’ve been very satisfied with every job that Warner’s Outdoor Solutions has done for me.  You are responsive, up front with your quotes, your follow up is excellent and, I think, most important of all, you have knowledgeable and capable employees who are good at what they do and enjoy it” – Terry – Woodbury, MN 2006

“We at the Spirit of Life Bible Church want to thank you for the pieces of firewood you allowed us to have!  We took large logs to make tables and smaller logs to use as benches.  Our kids’ area is called ‘Life Lodge’ and we’re having lots of fun creating a northwoods ‘feel’.” – Lisa – Woodbury, MN 2006

“The employees at Warner’s were friendly and fast when installing my sprinkler system.  Now I can sit back and relax instead of dragging the garden hose all over my yard.” – Kayla G. – Cottage Grove, MN 2006

“Warner’s Outdoor Solutions, Inc. is a company I would recommend to anyone who wants competent, reliable yard work done. My experiences with services such as lawn cutting and edging, fall and spring cleanup, tree trimming and removal have always been positive. I am particularly impressed with the professional manner in which Ryan runs the company, his prompt responses to my questions and requests, and the staff he has hired who are always courteous and helpful.” – Rhoda E. – Maplewood, MN 2005

“I just want to say thank you to the Warner’s Outdoor Solutions crews.  It means so much to see you take such good care of our trees, lawn and everything.  We always get and have received good service from Warner’s Outdoor Solutions for the past three years.  Your hard work is appreciated.  Thank you.” – Angela N. – Woodbury, MN 2004

“Warner’s is easily the most flexible, easiest to work with company I have ever dealt with!  I called for a fall clean-up and it was done two days later- on a Sunday!  Since I am moving I can only hope to find a company like Warner’s in my new neighborhood.  Thanks!” – Jennifer T. – Woodbury, MN 2004 

“I am a satisfied customer of Warner’s Outdoor Solutions.  Ryan and his staff at Warner’s Outdoor Solutions always do a great job with all the work that is done to our property.  I always get a quick response with great service.  I know that Ryan and his staff will do great work no matter how big or small the task is.  I would recommend Warner’s Outdoor Solutions to anyone who wants quick responses with great service.  My property looks great, thanks for your hard work!” – Ann M. – Minneapolis, MN 2003

“Ryan and his crew have worked for us for about two years now.  He has serviced our yard with excellent care each time.  My husband and I feel he is a very responsible man with great respect in his work and the people he works for.  We think Ryan will go far in any endeavor and will recommend him to any of our neighbors.” – Georgia M. – White Bear Lake, MN 2003 

“Thanks to Ryan Warner we had the greenest lawn in the neighborhood.  Thanks for a job well done!” – Bob H. – Woodbury, MN 2003

“I have been a satisfied customer of Warner’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal for almost two years.  During that time Ryan and his crew have been completely reliable and his work has been of great quality.  There have been several times when I have requested ‘extra’ work to be done to my property, and every time I requested something the work was taken care of promptly.  I would recommend Ryan as someone who knows how to get quality work done in a timely manner.” – Jerry L. – Woodbury, MN 2002