Eden Prairie Landscaping

Eden Prairie Landscaping

From Backyard Erosion To Making Guests Comfortable

Older Deck And Erosion-Prone Back Yard
The Karl’s loved their newly-purchased home in Eden Prairie but their back yard was a problem. The over-sized deck was past its prime and made the entire yard look smaller and less inviting. In addition, the abrupt slope at the far end had erosion problems and made much of the yard unusable—not a promising start for a family who regularly held back yard barbecues.

Paver Patios And Retaining Wall Help Make The Back Yard Functional And Inviting
In conversation with Warner’s Outdoor Solutions, the Karls identified steps to make their yard the hospitable place they hoped for. Several landscaping solutions presented themselves. The steep hill at the end of the yard signaled erosion issues, which led them to identify the water issues on the property. While the aesthetics were at first perplexing, they actually led to the solution: walls and patios. Retaining walls can serve several purposes well: they contain erosion and with proper planning, they can expand seating for guests. Retaining walls also served as visual boundaries for the yard, creating balance and bringing definition to entire space.  Paver patios can also invite guests into the backyard, especially when a fire pit is involved.

Warner’s Five-Step Process
Warner’s Outdoor Solutions began a five-step process that would reshape the Karl’s backyard into a more welcoming space:

  1. Hardscapes. Warner’s Outdoor Solutions installed retaining walls that transformed the abrupt incline at end of the Karl’s yard into plenty of natural seating. The retaining wall also created a beautiful boundary that highlighted the existing trees and shrubs while easing the properties erosion problem. Two paver patios were added: one as a seating area for guests around an outdoor table, and one for a fire pit.
  2. Drain Tiles. Positioned beneath downspouts to collect water from the Karl’s roof and transport that water curbside using pop-up emitters. Adding drain tiles was a key step toward dealing with erosion and settling problems.
  3. Sprinkler System. Automatic watering helped maintain correct levels of moisture for the yard.
  4. Mulch helps prevent erosion and weeds. Warner’s Outdoor Solutions used Western Red Cedar because it lasts in the landscape up to seven years (versus 2-3 years for standard hardwood mulch). The result is easily maintained and aesthetically appealing.
  5. Lawn care: After laying sod, season-long turf care included applications of premium granular fertilizer, gypsum and liquid weed control. The fertilizer kept the sod lush and green while encouraging deep root growth. Gypsum loosens soil allowing the sod to gain a deep root structure. The entire process maintained the yard in pristine condition for backyard festivities.

Eden Prairie Paver Patio

Eden Prairie Paver Patio & Retaining Wall

Eden Prairie Retaining Wall

Along with problem-solving on landscaping aesthetics and yard problem-areas, Warner’s Outdoor Solutions provides a full range of outdoor services, from lawn care to irrigation to tree trimming, for customers in Eden Prairie, the entire west Metro, and all across the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.