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Rachio Smart Irrigation

What is a smart irrigation system?

Smart home devices are gaining popularity over the last few years, and one of the newest additions has been smart irrigation systems. Smart systems are more advanced than your typical irrigation timer because they are fully integrated with your smartphone, so you can regulate it from anywhere. Smart irrigation controllers such as the Rachio series are very beneficial during the hot summers and long vacations. It allows you to monitor and adjust your system even if you are away from home! And, they have the potential to decrease your water usage, thanks to automated irrigation schedules. 

What is the Rachio System?

Rachio has one of the most reliable smart irrigation systems on the market. It is compatible with just about every sprinkler system so you don’t have replace your current system; this is simply an add on. The mobile app allows you to control or monitor your watering right on your device, connected through your home’s Wi-Fi. Rachio is even compatible with platforms such as Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant for complete smart home automation. With leak detection, smartphone controls, nutrient, and fertilizer support, this is the device you have been looking for to keep your grass green and worry-free.  

Rachio Installation Services 

Warner’s Outdoor Solution can provide you with complete Rachio 2 or 3 pro installation services ensuring it is compatible with your current system and installed correctly. Avoid leaks, incorrect installation that could lead to irrigation replacement, and get the satisfaction knowing it will be installed correctly from the start. We are available Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm and can be reached at 651-735-2100 or 763-231-4545.

Rachio Support Services 

Warner’s Outdoor Solution provides maintenance and support services for your Rachio smart irrigation controller. We are here to help troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues and wiring related to the Rachio along with complete spinnaker and irrigation support. Along with troubleshooting, we can support schedules and zones, integrations, accessories, sensors, and more. 

Why Hire Warner’s For Your Smart Irrigation Needs? 

Our Twin Cities’ customers have been raving about Warner’s Outdoor Solutions since we started in 1990. Read what one of our customers Billy has to say: “Highly recommend their services! They do an excellent job and are very accommodating to any questions you have. Their customer service is fantastic, I will absolutely continue to use them.”  

We pride ourselves on customer service and reliability, getting the job done right the first time. Let Warner’s help your lawn maintain itself with a new smart home irrigation system by Rachio.

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