Sprinkler Systems

Keep Your Lawn Green and Beautiful All Summer Long

Sprinkler System Start-Up

Starting up your sprinkler system properly can prevent damage that would require repairs.

Sprinkler systems are a lot like cars – a small investment in preventive care can help avoid much larger problems later on.

What is a Sprinkler System Start-up?

  • A Minnesota winter can cause damage to system heads that can be hidden or unnoticed to the untrained eye
  • To help avoid this damage, our sprinkler system professionals carefully inspect your system
  • After a clean inspection we safely start your system one zone at a time

Benefits of a Sprinkler System Start-up

  • Each rotor and head in the system will spray in the proper direction
  • Water will be distributed evenly across your entire lawn, essential for growing lush, green grass

Best Time For Service: Spring


How many applications do I need?

We strongly suggest to have this service performed once a year each spring.

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