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Rock & Mulch

Adding rock and/or mulch adds color and contrast to a landscape, emphasizing tones and features that wouldn’t otherwise be noticed. Our years of experience have enabled us to develop the following guidelines:

For a maintenance-free installation, rely on rock.

  • When installing, we almost always put fabric (not plastic*) under the rock. This prevents weeds from coming through, while allowing water to seep through for plants.
    • *Note: The only time we recommend using plastic is when you have a history of water going into your basement, and you want to direct all water away from your house.

If a little maintenance is no problem, go with mulch.

  • The most popular mulch we install is Western Red Cedar. This is a soft wood, lasting three times longer than its hardwood counterpart.
  • Fluffing your mulch with a metal rake 2-3 times a year disrupts the decomposition stage, and will extend the life of your mulch.
  • We recommend not putting fabric under your mulch. Why not you ask?
    • Fabric will act like a slide for mulch; each time it rains mulch will end up in the yard.
    • Mulch will eventually break down and become dirt, inviting neighboring weeds and grass to germinate.
    • Pulling weeds is much harder through fabric than through dirt alone.

Contact a landscape designer at Warner’s to determine what approach best fits your property.

Twin Cities Rock & Mulch