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Sod & Seeding

Some lawns only require seeding in appropriate areas; other lawns can benefit from sodding. The experts at Warner’s can help you make the right decision for your property.


If you want instant results, we recommend to sod your property. When the project is finished, you will have a beautiful green lawn! Sodding costs more than seeding due to the additional labor involved, but the results are more immediate. Warner’s uses premium Kentucky Blue Grass for our sod applications, a type of grass that thrives in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


If you would like to thicken the grass in your lawn, then slit seeding is what you are looking for. A slit seeding machine plants the seed right into the soil, not just on top. The grass seeds are able to grow in the bare spots, and your lawn will thicken in no time at all.

Below are some tips for seeding:

  • Aerate your lawn prior to seeding.
    • Lawn Aeration will loosen the soil and create the proper environment for the seed to germinate.
  • Mow your lawn prior to seeding.
    • This will allow more seed to reach the surface.
    • You won’t need to mow your lawn again until the seed is tall enough to cut, which on average takes 2-3 weeks.
  • Don’t over- or under-water your seed.
    • To water successfully you want the lawn to get wet, then dry. If wet for too long, the seed will drown. If dry for too long, the seed will dry out.
    • Watering Tips:
      • If temperatures are in the 80’s or warmer, watering once a day for 20 minutes is appropriate.
      • If temperatures are in the 70’s or cooler, then watering once every other day is good.
      • If it rains, count that as a watering day. Don’t water again until the ground is dry.

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