Lawn Care

You’ll Have the Greenest Lawn in the Neighborhood!

Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control

Why is Warner’s your BEST Choice in Twin Cities Lawn Care?

Because we provide honest quotes, quality work and excellent follow-up! And because we built our reputation by providing cost effective lawn fertilizer and weed control services.

What to Expect:

  • You are notified by phone before any application.
  • Upon arrival we ensure no one is on your property. We then place “Stay Off Lawn” signs in visible locations.

Fertilizer Application:

  • The lawn fertilizer applied is granular in form, giving your yard triple the nutrients compared to liquid applications.
  • Granular fertilizer greens up lawns and promotes horizontal growth, resulting in a thicker, fuller lawn.
  • After each application all pellets are blown off sidewalks, driveways and patios, leaving behind a clean and refreshed property.

Weed Control Application:

  • Our weed control application treats all broadleaf weeds including dandelion, thistle, creeping charlie, clover, and more.
  • Applying weed control separate from fertilizer gives special attention to harder to kill weeds.


The cost of your lawn care is determined by the size of your lawn and the number of applications you want, along with many other factors. Your first step should be to call Warner’s lawn care experts to discuss your needs and get a FREE no-obligation estimate.

Best Time For Service: Spring, Summer, and Fall

To provide the best care for your lawn, it’s best to work within a three-season schedule. Ideally we would want to start your lawn care in the early spring. We would then provide regular applications throughout summer and into late fall. This three-season schedule is a great way to get that neighbor envious lawn you deserve!

How many applications do I need?

The number of applications you need depends on your desired lawn care goals. For optimal results we recommend our Gold Package (outlined below), consisting of seven applications starting in early spring and going all the way through late fall. However, Not all lawns need that level of service. This is why we offer both smaller and customized packages, along with individual applications. Call the experts at Warner’s today; we’ll figure out the best program for you!

Our Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control Programs

Warner’s lawn care experts understand that every lawn is different. That’s why we’ve developed a wide range of fertilizer and weed control programs for our customers. You can choose from our Gold Package (seven applications – see below), our Silver Package (six applications), or our Bronze Package (five applications). We can also develop a Custom Package designed specifically for your lawn. It will be designed for your needs only, and may be the most cost-effective package for you.

Gold Package

Our Gold Package is a seven-step program that guarantees great results for your lawn:

Step 1. Early Spring Lawn Fertilizer/Crab Grass Pre-emergent

Fast release granular fertilizer is applied to take advantage of our Upper Midwest’s wet springs. This gives your lawn a quick green up. The application of crab grass pre-emergent creates a barrier to prevent crab grass seeds from germinating.

Step 2. Late Spring Weed Control

Liquid weed control is applied to remove broadleaf weeds that compete with your turf for valuable nutrients.

Step 3. Late Spring Lawn Fertilizer/Crab Grass Pre-emergent

To continue the greening process and further thicken your turf, a 25% slow release granular fertilizer is applied. A second round of crab grass pre-emergent is also applied.

Step 4. Mid Summer Weed Control

Liquid weed control is applied once more.

Step 5. Mid Summer Lawn Fertilizer

100% slow release granular fertilizer is applied to maintain the benefits of the late spring lawn fertilizer. This formula lasts up to three months, eliminating the possibility of burning up your lawn in the heat of summer.

Step 6. Early Fall Weed Control

Liquid weed control is spot-sprayed throughout your lawn to eliminate any broadleaf weeds that have emerged since the mid summer weed control application.

Step 7. Late Fall Lawn Fertilizer

Fast release granular fertilizer is applied to encourage your lawn to take in nutrients and store them in their root system. When the snow melts the following spring, your lawn will already have fertilizer in place for quicker green up.

What is the result of this 7-step program? You’ll have the greenest and healthiest lawn on the block!

Gold, Silver, Bronze or Custom Packages: Let our experts determine the Warner’s lawn care package that’s right for your property. Give us a call today!

Organic Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control

Interested in organic lawn care options? Warner’s also offers organic fertilizer and weed control solutions. Our Organic Package consists of five applications of granular Corn Gluten Meal: in early spring, late spring, summer, early fall and late fall. Organic lawn fertilizer and weed control is not as effective as inorganic, but still provides great benefits to your lawn.

Additional Service Suggestions to complement Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control: