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Lawn Fungus Control

Have ugly and unattractive spots throughout your yard? We have the Fungicide that’s right for your property.

What is Lawn Fungus?

Lawn fungus can cause unsightly spots in your lawn. Most fungus occurs when you have moist lawn conditions that never dry out. And because fungus can be very aggressive, these spots can expand daily. Our experts can determine the fungicide that is best for your lawn.

Benefits of Lawn Fungus Control

  • Liquid fungicide can be applied directly on the infected area
  • Helps subside the infected area

Best Time For Service: Variable

The best time for lawn fungus control is when fungus is present. The earlier fungus control is applied, the more effective it will be.

How many applications do I need?

Typically only one fungicide application will be needed. However, your Warner’s expert can determine if additional applications are needed.

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