Lawn Care

You’ll Have the Greenest Lawn in the Neighborhood!


Gypsum/Lime gives your lawn an extra boost of nutrients, and extracts the maximum benefit from your fertilizer applications.

What is Gypsum/Lime?

Gypsum/Lime consists of granular pellets that are spread throughout your lawn, giving it an extra boost of nutrients for great health. This service is most beneficial when paired with Lawn Aeration.

Benefits of Gypsum/Lime

  • Loosens the compaction of your soil
  • Neutralizes your soil’s pH level
  • Helps your grass recover from the previous winter

Best Time For Service: Spring and Fall

Because this procedure is most effective when paired with Lawn Aeration, we recommend scheduling this service in the spring or fall.

How many applications do I need?

We recommend this procedure once a year, generally paired with Lawn Aeration.

Additional Service Suggestions to complement Gypsum/Lime: