Lawn Care

You’ll Have the Greenest Lawn in the Neighborhood!

Lawn Mowing

Mowing helps keep your lawn healthy and looking great!
A well-kept, freshly mowed lawn keeps your property looking its best. And all true Minnesotans know that a newly mowed lawn really is the scent of summer!

What does Lawn Mowing entail?

The first step is using power mowers to cut your grass to its optimum height. The grass is then trimmed around all areas where the mower cannot reach. We then blow off all clippings from driveways, walkways, roads, and landscaping. These clippings are placed back onto the yard, where they are recycled.

Benefits of Mowing:

  • Allows your lawn to breathe properly
  • Keeps your property looking its best, and increases its curb appeal
  • Recycled grass clippings help fertilize the roots of your turf

Best Time for Service: Spring, Summer and Fall

Because we’ve never seen a Minnesota winter mild enough to require lawn mowing! (Though we can always dream…)

How often will my lawn need mowing?

Depending on temperature and precipitation, your lawn will require mowing every one to two weeks.

Additional Service Suggestions to complement Mowing: