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You’ll Have the Greenest Lawn in the Neighborhood!

Slit Seeding

Would you like to thicken your grass, and have a richer, more flourishing lawn? Then slit seeding is for you!

What is Slit Seeding?

A slit seeding machine plants grass seed a quarter inch below the surface of the soil. This greatly improves the germination rate when compared to surface seeding. Grass then grows in the bare spots, and your lawn will thicken in no time at all!

Best Time For Service: Variable

The need for this service depends on the condition of your lawn. If you have sparse or bare spots on your property, it’s probably time to invest in Slit Seeding.

How many applications do I need?

Because Slit Seeding is so effective, most lawns require only one application.

Warner’s experts recommend these tips for Slit Seeding:

  • Aerate your lawn prior to seeding.
    • Lawn Aeration will loosen the soil and create the proper environment for seed to germinate.
  • Mow your lawn prior to seeding.
    • This will allow more seed to reach the surface.
    • You won’t need to mow your lawn again until the seed is tall enough to cut, which on average takes 2-3 weeks.
  • Don’t over- or under-water your seed.
    • To water successfully you want the lawn to get wet, then dry. If wet for too long, the seed will drown. If dry for too long, the seed will dry out.
    • Watering Tips:
      • If temperatures are in the 80’s or warmer, watering once a day for 20 minutes is appropriate.
      • If temperatures are in the 70’s or cooler, then watering once every other day is good.
      • If it rains, count that as a watering day. Don’t water again until the ground is dry.

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