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Vole Control

Voles thrive on small plants, but can live on almost any nut or fruit.

Voles do more damage than you think. These rodents, which look a lot like mice, but without ears and a shorter tail, like to eat stalks of grass. This ultimately kills your grass, leaving an unsightly trail in its place.

Another favorite of voles is the bark on your trees and shrubs. This damage can cause a girdle effect, and possibly kill them as well.

Why are they in my yard?

  • Voles are attracted to any place that has grass, which is also why they are know as “meadow mice.”

Are Voles a danger to my family?

  • While these animals are not directly dangerous they do damage areas of your yard including your trees. This damage can cause trees to fall creating a dangerous and costly environment for your property

How can Warner’s help me?

We provide two solutions for vole control:

  • Our proven application keeps voles out of your yard preventing further damage
  • Another option is baiting, which will remove the voles

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Vole Control:

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