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Asian Beetles

Warner’s can eliminate Asian Beetle infestation from your home.

Asian beetles are a common home infestation in Minnesota. These beetles are oval in shape and about 1/3” long. Asian beetle colors are typically orange with black spots, or orange with no spots.

Why are they in my home?

  • In the fall, Asian beetles enter your house to shelter from the upcoming winter months
  • In winter, these beetles will roam throughout your home
  • In many instances, homeowners will vacuum up 10 Asian beetles a day during the winter

Are Asian Beetles a danger to my family?

  • They won’t hurt anyone, but they can become a major nuisance
  • It can become an annoyance having to vacuum these bugs up on a daily basis

How can Warner’s help me?

Our pest control experts can eliminate Asian beetles in several ways:

  • By spraying all entry points of your building in early fall. This will kill the beetles on contact, and kill others that come in contact with the spray
  • Our sprayers can reach the top of any house, providing a top-to-bottom solution
  • If the beetles are already inside, a spray can be applied through crevices, vents, or cracks to kill them when they try to exit their hiding spots

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Asian Beetle Control: