Pest Control

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Bats are the only flying mammal, and can be found almost anywhere.

There are many species of bats, and they can range in length from 2-3/16″ to 7-1/2″ depending on the species. Their fur is usually black or tan; when not flying, bats can be very hard to detect.

Why are bats in my home?

  • With the onset of colder weather, some bats fly short distances to hibernate in hollow trees, rock crevices, drainage pipes, caves, and inside buildings
  • Typically one or two bats at a time will enter a home/building
  • Bats feed on insects, primarily on beetles, wasps and ants. These insects can often be found near or even inside homes

Are bats a danger to my family?

  • Yes! Bats can carry rabies, and can transmit the disease through biting or scratching
  • Bat droppings can be a potential health hazard if the affected area is not sealed off

How can Warner’s help me?

  • Our technicians will place sticky traps in the area(s) where bats are hiding
  • Exit/entry points can be sealed with foam or steel wool. Metal grating can also be put around roof edges
  • Our technicians can also catch the bats and re-release them

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Bat Control: