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Bird Mites

Bird mite infestations are more common than you’d expect.

These very small insects are oval in shape and transparent in color, and can be almost impossible to see. If you have bird nests located near or on your home, you run the risk of a bird mite infestation.

Why are bird mites in my home?

  • Bird mites can infest your home if there is a bird’s nest nearby
  • These mites can also enter your home on a pet, or on an object purchased used and brought into the home
  • Bird mites most commonly infest bedrooms and bathrooms

Are they a danger to my family?

  • Bird mite bites can cause small red bumps and intense itching
  • These mites are more active at night, and can thus cause loss of sleep
  • If you or a member of your family is waking up during the night with itchy skin, it could be a bird mite infestation

How can Warner’s help me?

  • Our technicians will spray all areas that are infected

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