Pest Control

We Can Eliminate the Pests That Damage Your Property


Gnats are a very common type of infestation in the upper Midwest.

If you have gnats you’ll see them flying around either indoors or outdoors. These insects are about 1/8 of an inch long, with a dull tan/brown color. Gnat larvae usually feed on plants, though some are carnivorous.

Why are they in my home?

  • Overwatering indoor plants may be the cause – they will infest the roots and lay their eggs
  • Leaving over-ripened fruit out will attract them as well

Are Gnats a danger to my family?

  • Some gnats do bite, and may cause a bacterial infection
  • If you have pets, they are more likely to bite your animal

How can Warner’s help me?

We rely on two types of treatment to eliminate gnats from your property:

  • We can reduce or eliminate gnats by trapping and killing these insects
  • There is also the option to apply insecticide

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Gnat Control:

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