Pest Control

We Can Eliminate the Pests That Damage Your Property


Gophers create tunnel systems that provide protection and a means of collecting food.

Gophers are generally about a foot long. Their colors vary from black and brown, and they have very soft fur. You may see their burrows in your yard; they look like horseshoe-shaped mounds.

Why are they in my yard?

  • They feed on many plants, weeds, and gardens
  • These animals are most active in the spring and summer, when your soil is at its prime

Are Gophers a danger to my family?

  • Gophers are known to carry many diseases, from rabies to monkey pox
  • They damage your lawn by burrowing underneath and making mounds
  • Since their fur is heavily infested with insects, there is a risk of those pests being transferred to your home
  • It’s common for pets to dig into gopher burrows, which may result in a bite from the gopher

How can Warner’s help me?

We are able to trap and relocate these animals.

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Gopher Control: