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Japanese Beetles

In North America, Japanese Beetles are a serious threat to about 200 species of plants.

With their metallic green body and brown wings, these beetles are easy to spot. You will most likely see them on your outdoor plants, as they whittle them away from their constant foraging.

Why are they in my yard?

  • Japanese Beetles enjoy eating many types of plants, flowers, and fruits
  • These beetles are most active on warm sunny days

Are Japanese Beetles a danger to my family?

  • They are more of a danger to your plants than to any human or pet
  • You will soon see your beautiful plants being slowly chewed away
  • When they lay their eggs, you will see your grass diminishing as well

How can Warner’s help me?

We will spray a surfactant on your trees, killing the beetles and thus preventing further damage.

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Japanese Beetle Control:

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