Pest Control

We Can Eliminate the Pests That Damage Your Property


Mice can invade your home and cause structural damage and spread disease.

Adult mice range from 3 to 5 inches long with the tail length being as long as the body. On average, a mouse weighs 1/2 of an ounce. House mice are brown or gray-black, with a light colored underbelly. They have a pointed nose with large ears. The clearest indicator of mouse infestation is droppings; these are 1/8 – 1/4 of an inch and rod shaped. Another sign is gnawing; with their strong buck teeth they are able to chew through almost anything.

Why are they in my home?

  • Mice do not hibernate; when temperatures drop they seek a warm place to live
  • Unfortunately, they are able to fit into spaces as small as 1/4 of an inch
  • With their heightened senses, they can be attracted to the smell of food in your home
  • With their excellent mobility, mice can climb up vertical surfaces and jump up almost 13 inches

Are Mice a danger to my family?

  • Mice can spread diseases such as salmonellosis and dysentery by contaminating your food and utensils with their urination and droppings
  • Mice produce about 50 droppings throughout the day
  • A mouse has no control over its bladder; that means it will urinate anywhere, anytime – like in your cupboards, utensil drawers, the pantry, and so on
  • As mentioned above, mice will chew on almost anything. They have been known to damage electrical wires, and cause structural damage to homes

How can Warner’s help me?

Luckily, there are many effective methods to eliminate mice from your home.

  • To prevent mice from entering your home, we will eliminate all openings by using caulk. This smooth patching material will prevent mice from pulling and chewing through it
  • Another technique we will use is bait selection. This includes meal form pellets that the mice will feed on
  • If mice reside inside your home, we will use bait stations in problem areas to get the population under control

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Mice Control:

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