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Moles burrow and raise molehills, killing parts of lawns. They can also undermine plant roots.

If you have a mole infestation, you will notice the surface of your lawn raised up about 3 inches. This is caused by mole tunnels creating a path throughout your yard. Moles will also build mounds that are shaped like a volcano.

Why are they in my yard?

  • It’s all about the food for this animal; moles feed on earthworms and grubs that are in your lawn
  • A well-watered and fertilized lawn means more food is present for them
  • They eat about 70% to 100% of their body weight every day; they are constantly eating

Are Moles a danger to my family?

  • Moles are able to create 18 feet of tunnels per hour
  • The tunnels and holes they create on your property can cause the surface of your lawn to soften, creating a risk when walking through your yard

How can Warner’s help me?

  • We have a proven application that eliminates the mole’s food source
  • Our application is also effective in preventing moles from coming back

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