Pest Control

We Can Eliminate the Pests That Damage Your Property


Pigeons have been called ‘rats with wings’ – with good reason!

Pigeons can be found almost everywhere. The average bird is about 13″ long. Pigeons are bluish gray, with two cross bands on each wing. A pigeon’s ‘voice’ is a series of softly rolling coos. Even though they sound pleasant enough, pigeons can be dangerous pests.

Why are there pigeons around my home?

  • Pigeons prefer to feed on seeds, grain, green feed, and some fruit but will feed on garbage, insects/spiders, and livestock manure if their preferred food is hard to find. Many of these types of food can be found in or near homes
  • The nesting areas a pigeon prefers are high off the ground, and can include exposed roof girders and protected building ledges. They also nest in cliffs or caves

Are they a danger to my family?

  • Pigeon nests, droppings, and the birds themselves have more than 50 diseases associated with them
  • Their droppings are also very acidic, and can deface marble, limestone, painted surfaces. This can negatively affect the value of your home

How can Warner’s help me get rid of pigeons?

We have several effective methods to eliminate pigeons from your home.

  • We can trap the pigeons and relocate them
  • Our technicians can also block access areas to pigeon nests or resting areas; this is called ‘exclusion’
  • Bird spikes can be placed on ledges to prevent pigeons from landing
  • As a last resort, poisoned corn can be placed around the pigeon nuisance area

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Pigeon Control: