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The raccoon is entirely omnivorous; it will literally eat almost anything it can get its paws on.

If you have raccoons on your property you may hear noises from your attic, basement, or garage. This may sound like scratching, growling, and even fighting. In most cases, your trash will have been raided, knocked down, and scattered about your property. Raccoons have also have been known to damage soffits, woodwork, and even tear up your lawn.

Why are they in my yard or home?

  • Raccoons usually look for dry, safe places to have their babies, and your attic or chimney might seem like the perfect place to them
  • If you have a garden, they enjoy munching on your fruits and veggies. They will also eat any kind of pond fish
  • These animals are quite clever and can be very good with their paws, making it easy for them to lift up the lid of a garbage can

Are Raccoons a danger to my family?

  • If you have raccoons living in your home they are leaving feces that may contain raccoon roundworm spores. These can be very dangerous if inhaled
  • A protective mother may lunge and hiss to defend her babies
  • Raccoon attacks on a person or pet are rare, but do happen

What can Warner’s do to help me?

  • We use a technique that safely traps the raccoon
  • Once trapped, we release it to a safe location

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