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Skunks eat both plant and animal material, and change their diets as the seasons change.

Do you have a skunk infestation? Actually seeing a skunk is the most common sign that they are in or near your home. Another sign is, of course, the smell – we all know what that smells like! You may also notice small holes in your lawn, caused by skunks digging for grubs.

Why are they in my yard or home?

  • If you see a skunk in your home, garage, or shed, it’s likely a door was left open and they just wandered in
  • They are attracted to things like garbage, pet food, and your beautiful garden
  • These animals are known to make a home in wood and rock piles

Are Skunks a danger to my family?

  • When skunks feel threatened they are known to stop, charge, and may twist their rear end towards you
  • Skunk spray will cause discomfort in the eyes of humans and other animals
  • Skunks carry many diseases such as rabies, leptospirosis, and distemper – a disease deadly to dogs

How can Warner’s help me?

  • We use a technique that safely traps skunks
  • After trapping, we release it to a safe location

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