Pest Control

We Can Eliminate the Pests That Damage Your Property


Squirrels are one of the most common rodents in Minnesota.

If you have a squirrel problem in your yard, you will most likely see them fighting – they do this if the area is overpopulated. You’ll also see their nests in the trees around your home. If the problem is in your home, you will typically hear noises like scratching, running and fighting. They can also make holes in siding, trash cans, roofs, pet food containers and other areas.

Why are they in my yard or home?

  • Late winter is their mating season; they will find a warm place to nest, and that place may be in your home
  • They tend to nest in holes in trees, but also find their way into attics, chimneys, vents, and walls
  • Squirrels enjoy munching on nuts, fruit, corn/bird food, insects and even dog food

Are Squirrels a danger to my family?

  • Squirrels can damage electrical wires, cause heat-loss, water damage, and even give an entrance for other bugs and animals
  • Getting bitten by a squirrel only happens when feeding one from your hand

How can Warner’s help me?

  • We are able to trap the animal and relocate to a new area

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Squirrel Control: