Pest Control

We Can Eliminate the Pests That Damage Your Property


That ‘drummer with wings’ you’re hearing can damage your property!

If you hear rapid tapping in your yard, chances are you’re hearing a woodpecker at work. Look for a bird with a red head and black and white marks along its body. These birds also have short legs with two sharp-clawed backward-pointed toes. Woodpeckers can also be found at feeders containing suet and sunflower seeds.

Why are woodpeckers in my yard?

  • These birds peck at insect-infested wood as a source of food. They also peck wood to create shelter and establish territories
  • These shelters can include nests pecked into dead trees. Woodpeckers can also nest in abandoned holes in a stumps, fence posts, or utility poles. They can also live in bird houses

Are they dangerous to my family?

  • They are not a danger to people, but woodpeckers can damage wood structures, gutters, vents, metal siding, drain pipes and roof vents

How can Warner’s help me be rid of woodpeckers?

After determining the areas where woodpeckers are active, Warner’s technicians will install shiny metallic reflective strips in these areas, forcing the woodpeckers to relocate.

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Woodpecker Control: