Japanese Beetle Grub Damage

Japanese Beetle Grub Control

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Our Japanese Beetle Grub Control solution is an easy application that helps prevent damage from these invasive pests!



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Japanese Beetle Grub Control

What is Japanese Beetle Grub Control?

Before the Japanese Beetle dies, it lays its eggs in the ground. These eggs turn into grubs that feed on the roots of grass, causing damage to your lawn (seen in the photo below). Once the damage is caused, you will need to re-seed your lawn. You can avoid this damage by investing in Japanese Beetle Grub Control before they can lay their eggs. Your lawn will thank you for it!

Japanese Beetle Grub Control Benefits

  • It prevents damage to your lawn caused by Japanese Beetles
  • It also helps prevent damage they can cause to your trees and shrubs

Best Time For Service: Summer

Japanese beetles are most active in the summer months. We recommend an application in early summer to best protect your property.

How many applications do I need?

One application is usually effective for most lawns. Your Warner’s expert can determine if additional applications are needed.

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grub damage - 7-30-12 - small