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Salt & Sand Applications

Salt & Sand Applications will keep your sidewalks and pavement safe all winter.

We all know how slippery it can get outside during the winter months, especially on our sidewalks and pavement. Keep these high traffic areas as safe as possible with salt and sand applications from Warner’s.

What is a Salt & Sand Application?

  • These applications can be mixed, or each element can be applied separately
  • Applications can be applied on request, or per snowfall

Benefits of Salt & Sand Applications

  • Sand will give you more traction on both ice and snow
  • Salt helps melt snow and ice, but will eventually become diluted and need to be reapplied

Best Time for Service: Late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring

When it snows it gets slippery out there. We all know how early leading into the colder months that can happen, and how late winter tries to hang on!

How many applications do I need?

Our salt and sand applications are dependent on the amount of snow and ice accumulation on your property. Give us a call when your sidewalks and pavement are slippery.

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