Tree Damage Prevention Services

Tree Damage Prevention Services

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Warner’s Winter Tree Damage Prevention Services

Last season we saw a substantial increase in major damage to evergreens and small deciduous trees due to winter burn and sun scald. Winter burn happens when the sun’s powerful rays continuously reflects off the snow onto evergreen trees which in turn dries out the foliage causing burn damage. This same effect happens with small deciduous trees as well. During the day the warm sun reflects off the snow onto the trees, then at night the freezing temperature cools the tree quickly causing the bark to split resulting in sun scald. Both of these effects from the sun are preventable with our Winter Tree Damage Prevention services.

Winter Burn Prevention

To protect your evergreen trees from winter burn Warner’s will spray a clear coating on the trees preventing them from perspiring throughout the winter. This will prevent the evergreens from losing moisture, and protect them from winter burn.

Sun Scald Prevention

On small deciduous trees Warner’s installs a tree wrap on the trunks, which insulates them from the powerful sun preventing sun scald.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Once your trees have been protected from winter damage take advantage of the best time of year for trimming and pruning. As amazing as it sounds, winter is considered the best time of year for this service. Why is that you ask? Well, with all harmful insects and disease dormant due to the weather, you don’t have to worry about anything of harm entering the areas where the wood is cut. Plus, with the lack of leaves on the trees, we can easily locate all the branches that need to be trimmed or pruned.