Tree & Shrub Care

Your Trees & Shrubs Can Thrive Year-Round!

Tree & Shrub Care

Call Warner’s for All your Tree and Shrub Care Needs

The trees and shrubs on your property help make your home unique. No other natural features in your yard are so dominant, or make such a powerful visual statement. And, like all other living things, trees and shrubs need care, nutrition and maintenance to thrive. Call Warner’s Outdoor Solutions for expert care of the trees and shrubs that add beauty and value to your home.

Ask our customers: if you want tree & shrub service done right the first time, call Warner’s Outdoor Solutions!

“Your crew just finished removing the trees and grinding the stumps. We are very pleased with the result. Thanks for the great job, and quick turnaround.”  Jerry – St. Paul, MN 

While considering your lawn care options, you might ask yourself “When should I trim my fruit trees?” or “What’s the best time to prune my roses?” Well, the experts at Warner’s have the answers! You can count on our great customer service, expert workmanship, and experience in our hardy Minnesota climate to deliver the best tree and shrub maintenance. Our arborists and tree trimmers know how a tree should best be trimmed; when bushes should be pruned; or when a tree is beyond hope and must be removed. Simply put, Warner’s offers the most comprehensive tree trimming and shrub pruning services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro.

Pest Control

To live a long and healthy life, your trees may need services such as:

  • Japanese beetle control
  • Emerald ash borer control
  • Control of other insects and pests

Trimming Trees and Pruning Shrubs

Your investment in tree trimming or corrective pruning will help make your home one of the nicest in the neighborhood.

Tree Nutrition

“You are what you eat” – this is as true for trees as it is for people! Warner’s can provide fertilizer, fungus control, and winter tree protection that help your trees live a long, happy lives.

Tree Removal

And when all else fails, call Warner’s for tree removal and stump grinding services. Prompt and thorough debris removal afterwards is guaranteed.

Why choose Warner’s for your Tree & Shrub care?

Because the experts at Warner’s Outdoor Solutions understand that the trees and shrubs on your property reflect the pride you have in your home. Our goal is to always “make it happen” for you, our customer.

At Warner’s Outdoor Solutions, we do it right the first time.
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