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Fungus Control for Trees

If a tree is stressed, it has the potential to be overtaken by a fungus.

The more common infested species are Spruce, Oak, Elm, Crab Apple and Pine. Many trees can ward off a fungus infestation, but all trees in Minnesota are susceptible.

Benefits of Fungus Control for Trees

  • Tree(s) are sprayed with a liquid fungicide
  • This treatment subsides the infected area

Best Time For Service: Variable

Treatment schedules vary by the type of tree. Ornamental trees are sprayed pre-bloom, post-bloom, and two weeks after flowers fall. Spruce trees are sprayed after bud break and full candle elongation.

How many applications do I need?

One treatment may be sufficient. Once enough time has passed to review the results of the application, our experts can determine if additional applications are needed.

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Fungus Control for Trees:

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