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Insect Control for Trees

Insect Control will help your trees fight off insect infestation.

Insects are a key part of the biosphere, and good insects are essential for growth and survival. There are many insects that can hinder the growth potential of the trees on your property, however, and in some cases can lead to the death of the tree. Trees that are healthy are less likely to become infested.

Benefits of Insect Control for Trees

  • Warner’s technicians can apply a spray pesticide that helps prevent further damage to your trees

Best Time For Tree Service: Summer

When summer arrives, and it’s the height of the growing season, it will be apparent whether your trees require insect control or not.

How many applications do I need?

Spraying your trees twice a year will help prevent further damage to them.

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Insect Control for Trees:

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