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Japanese Beetle Control

The Twin Cities Organic Japanese Beetle Control Treatment For Trees 

Japanese Beetle Control Helps Prevent These Pests From Causing Further Damage.

The Japanese beetle also known as the scientific name Popillia japonica is a pest that has various lifecycles that can cause serious damage as you may already know.  It is important to understand the lifecycle to grasp how invasive this beetle can be. Our organic pest control services focus on the second part of that lifecycle when the grub turns in to the beetle and starts to feed off your trees, shrubs, and other plants, leaving behind potentially irreversible damage.

Warner’s pest control experts can spray the afflicted plants on your property, eliminating the Japanese beetle threat. For a free quote on Japanese beetle control in Minnesota, get in touch with one of our pest control experts.

What Trees & Shrubs Can Leaf-Eating Beetles Damage?

  • Trees: apple, crab apple, linden, birch, and other fruit trees
  • Other plants: shrub roses, vegetables, and annual flowers

Organic Japanese Beetle Control Benefits

  • Controlling Japanese beetles on apple trees and fruit trees through organic methods protect the plants so you can enjoy their fruits.
  • Our treatment prevents further beetle attacks to the trees & shrubs on your property while using solutions that are safe for people, pets, animals, and the plant. 
  • Japanese beetles can cause some serious damage, and servicing the problem while promoting a healthy environment benefits your fruit trees and other shrubs to grow back stronger. 
  • Organic services are sustainable solutions that will last in the long run. 

Best Time For Service in MN: Mid-Summer

The damage that mature Japanese beetles can cause to your trees and shrubs is usually apparent by early to mid-summer in Minnesota. As soon as you notice damage,  call Warner’s to schedule treatment. Ask us about our seasonal maintenance plans to help slow the lifecycle of the beetle and to avoid grub damage as a result of non-treatment.

How Many Applications Do I Need?

We recommend one initial treatment, and we’ll carefully monitor that to determine whether subsequent applications are needed.

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Japanese Beetle Control: