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Japanese Beetle Control

Japanese Beetle Control helps prevent these pests from causing further damage.

Japanese beetles feed off your trees, shrubs and other plants, leaving behind potentially irreversible damage. Warner’s pest control experts can spray the afflicted plants on your property, eliminating the Japanese Beetle threat.

What trees & shrubs can Japanese Beetles damage?

  • Trees: Linden, Birch, Crab Apple, Apple, and other Fruit Trees
  • Other plants: Shrub Roses, Vegetables, and Annual Flowers

Japanese Beetle Control Benefits

  • Our treatment prevents further beetle attacks to the trees & shrubs on your property

Best Time For Service: Mid-Summer

The damage that Japanese Beetles can cause is usually apparent by early to mid-summer. As soon as you notice any damage, we recommend calling Warner’s immediately to schedule treatment.

How many applications do I need?

We recommend one initial treatment, however, careful monitoring of the results can determine if subsequent applications are needed.

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Japanese Beetle Control:

Japanese Beetle on tree

Japanese Beetle damage on tree