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Winter Tree Damage Prevention

Winter tree damage prevention helps prevent winter burn and sun scald to evergreens and small deciduous trees.

Our legendary Minnesota winters can take their toll on the trees on your property. Two of the most common types of tree damage in our climate are Winter Burn and Sun Scald.

Winter Burn Prevention

  • Winter burn happens to evergreen trees when the sun’s powerful rays reflect off the snow; this in turn dries out the foliage, causing burn damage
  • To protect your evergreen trees from winter burn, Warner’s will spray a clear coating on the trees. This prevents them from perspiring throughout the winter, helps the evergreens avoid losing moisture, and protects them from winter burn

Winter Burn

Sun Scald Prevention

  • With small deciduous trees, the warm sun reflects off the snow onto the trees during the day, then at night the freezing temperature cools the tree quickly, causing the bark to split; this results in sun scald
  • On small deciduous trees Warner’s installs a tree wrap on the trunks; this insulates the trees from the powerful sun and prevents sun scald

Sun Scald

Best Time For Service: Fall

It is best to wait until the end of the growing season before protecting your trees against winter’s onslaught.

How many applications do I need?

The experts at Warner’s will provide tree protection that will last throughout an entire Minnesota winter.

Additional Service Suggestions to Complement Winter Tree Damage Prevention: